Tuesday, March 06, 2018

MY SCULLY pattern

Now that I'm finding myself coming 'here' more regularly, I'm going to design more Knit & Crochet items and make them available.
Here is a very plain scully / slouch-y hat which I've made so many times, scully's for 'our' Bartender & friend, Jimmy & his "lady" Rowina. I say 'mostly" because through the years I'd make him a few in several colors...    and he'd lose them... and I'd make them again... and he'd lose them AGAIN. His brother Sandy also received several scullys through the past 15 years.  This year they BOTH needed them AGAIN but in order to update their 'style', this year they requested it be a 'slouch-y hat.' Whereas for the scully, the even portion is done for 5.5 - 6" - for the 'slouch hat' the even portion is done for 9"-10" depending on how much 'slouch' you want and then continue with the 'decrease rows.'

(Copyright 2005 Gloria Jean Schamis)

2 50g skeins Worsted Weight yarn
US#7 straight needles and you will sew up a seam at the back OR
16” circular US#7 knitting needle OR (what I use) 2 US#7 circular needles
4 US#7 dp needles (if using straight or 16" circular needles)

CO 96 stitches
Row 1 K2, P2 across
Row 2 P across (if you’re using straight needles)
K across(if you’re using circulars)
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until 1 1/2” of ribbing.



If you don't want a ribbing, begin with Stockinette Stitch
directly after CO.

Continue in Stockinette Stitch (all rows K if you’re working in the round or 1 row K.. 1 row P, ending with a wrong side row if you’re using straight needles) until 5.5 - 6” from beginning edge of cap. for scully (not pictured here) depending on the person's head, as a scully is supposed to "fit" snugly on the head reaching to the top of the eyebrow), or until 9"- 10" for slouch, depending on how much slouch you want.

1st dec row: *K10 K2tog* repeat across
2nd dec row: (and every alternate row from now on through the 18th row):
P across (if using straight needles)
K across (if using circulars)
3rd dec row: *K9, K2tog* repeat across
(IF you're using straight needles, now you must put the work evenly on three dp
needles and knit with 4tth dp needle.)
5th dec row: *K8, K2tog* repeat across
7th dec row *K7, K2tog* repeat across
9th dec row: *K6, K2tog* repeat across
11th dec row:*K5, K2tog* repeat across
13th dec row:*K4, K2tog* repeat across
15th dec row: *K3, K2tog* repeat across
17th dec row: *K2, K2tog* repeat across
19th dec row: *K1, K2tog* repeat across
20th dec row: *K2tog* repeat across
REPEAT Row 20 until only 2 stitches remain

Cut yarn and weave end through remaining 2 stitches, secure top.
Sew up back seam (if you’re using straight needles & weave in seaming ends.)
(Copyright 2005 Gloria Jean Schamis)

It's a simple classic pattern which fits most heads comfortably for stylish winter wear.

St. Patrick's Day 2018 is nearig.... so GET READY!!!!

I totally intend to come here more often with 'interesting' entries & patterns of my designs  :-)
Here's the pattern I posted on Ravelry yesterday for a new crochet design of mine.
You still have time to make some before March 17th - St. Patrick's Dasy 2018 !!



Materials:  Small amount green worsted weight yarn.
Crochet hook:   G or H depending on your crocheting tension to create a nice fabric (not to loose but not too tight).  Gauge is really not important.
Skill Level: Intermediate

1. Form an adjustable  ring

2. Make 9 sc into ring, join with sl st to 1st sc

3. Ch 5, skip 2 sts, sl st into next st. (3 times) at end of 3rd repeat, sl st into 1st ch 5 loop.

4. Make sc, 7 dc & sc all into 1st loop.  Sl st into next loop & continue as 1st loop in each 
    loop around. (9 sts in each loop)

5. Sl st into1st st, hdc into next st, 2 dc into next 5 sts, hdc into next st, sl st into last st.    
    Repeat twice more.  (14 sts in each loop)

6. Sl st into 1st st, hdc into next st, dc in the next 2 sts, 2 dc into next 6 sts, dc into next 
    2 sts, hdc into next st, sl st into last st.  Repeat twice more (20 dc in each loop)
    After last repeat, sl st between 1st & last loop (just stick hook into that spot and push 
    it in for sl st).

7.   Ch 10.  Sc into 2nd ch from hook and into each chain (8 sc).                             
      Fasten off and weave in ends.      
      Wet to block flat.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I'M   B A C K !!!
This past Sunday I decided to crochet a few coasters for H and me to use at the Bars, rather than those paper Bar Napkins which always stick to the bottom of one's glass...  so annoying.  Hence, my own pattern which I'm sharing with you.  It's easy and only takes 20 minutes from start to completion.


1.  ch 6, join to form a ring

2   ch2, 1dc into ring, ch1,  (2dc, into ring, ch1) around  9 times.  Join with slip stitch into top of 1st ch2 (10 2dc, ch1’s)

3   2 slips into ch1 space. ch 2, 1dc, ch1, 2dc, sc into same ch1 space (2dc, ch1, 2dc, sc) in each ch1 space around,  join with slip st into top of 1st ch2

     4.   2 slips to ch1 space, ch 2, 1dc, ch1, 2dc in same ch1
          space, skip 2dc, sc in sc (2dc, ch1, 2dc in ch1 space, skip
          2dc, sc in sc) around, join with slip st into  top of 1st  ch2

    5.  Slip to ch1 space, ch2, 7dc in ch1 space , skip 2 dc, sc
         in sc, (8dc into next ch1 space, skip 2 dc, sc
         in sc) around, join with slip stitch into top of 1st ch2

            HAPPY DRINKING :-)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

PERSONAL NOTE: I'm going to have to start blogging more 'cause I can never find my own blog ha ha ha

Monday, July 04, 2011

FINALLY, ANGIE'S HAT (to match her scarf)

Cousin Angie got her scarf in January, 2009 and asked me to put a little thing-y at the top of the hat which I had knit to match the scarf. Well knowing me you can guess - YES, it took a YEAR for me to knit a teeny icord thing-y and attach it to the top of the hat ha ha ha.

As a little extra gift for having waited so long for the hat I also knit her a headband with a removeable flower. She loved both items a lot, and moves the flower from the headband ... to the hat - back & forth :-)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Ian, Angie, Seth & Max arrived in NYC yesterday from Wales for an 11-day visit.
Here are Ian & Angie wearing the scarves I made for them... but are still waiting for hats :-)

Sunday, January 03, 2010


FINALLY - my pattern for the FUNKY BABY BLANKET which I knit for Nicholas last year.
For 'normalcy'-sake I've changed the name of the Blanket to RIPPLE-RIDGE BABY BLANKET :-)

Copyright 2009 By Gloria Schamis

Multiples of 15+5

Yarn: worsted (or any yarn of your choiee)
Gauge: In my opinion an exact gauge is not important for a blanket
Needle: US#7 (or any size which with chosen yarn makes a pleasant feeling fabric in stockinette stitch)

CO 155

KNIT PATTERN: K2 (border sts), *K1, YO, K5, K2tog 2x, K5, YO* repeat between *’s to last 3 sts. K1, K2 (border sts).
K 1 row
Rows 1, 3 & 5 (wrong side) KNIT
Rows 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 (right side) work KNIT PATTERN
Rows 7, 9 & 11 (wrong side) K2, P to last 2 sts, K2
Rows 13, 15, 17 & 19 (wrong side) KNIT

Repeat rows 6 – 19 until desired length & end by working KNIT row.

NOTE: This blanket also looks great in a solid color. For ripple-ridges in a Contrasting Color (sample was done in different colors for each 8 row ripple-ridge)… work from the CO through row 11 in Main Color (sample was done in Orange). Change from Main Color on Row 12 through 19 either using one Contrasting Color or a different one for each set of Ridges as I did, always maintaining the 2 border stitches at the beginning and end of each row in the Main Color. For the Rows 6 through 19 repeats Rows 6 through 11 are done in Main Color with Rows 12 -19 in Contrasting Color always maintaining Main Color for the 2 border stitches.