Sunday, January 25, 2009


Joined in on a crochet project CAL with friends from one of my Yahoo Groups. Pirk chose to do the CASCADE SCARF
and I joined in. Here is mine.

Monday, January 19, 2009


. . . . here is a picture of the LIVINGROOM almost (but not quite) clutter-free.


My cousin Ian whom I had never met before came to visit NYC from 12/22/08 - 1/5/09 with his wife Angela and two wonderful teenage sons Seth & Max. During their stay here they were able to see most of our hangouts Maryann's where Jimmy works in Tribeca (corner West Broadway & Reade Street), Dallas BBQ (3rd Avenue at 73rd Street),
Bounce (2nd Avenue at 73d Street), Tony De Napoli Italian Restaurant (2nd Avenue at 84th Steet).
During their stay I was able to get to know them and now know what I will knit for each of them. I'm posting here the scarf which I started for Angie the day they left NYC and which I finished a bit less than 2 weeks.
Now I just have to make a Beret to go with this scarf, a scarf & cap for Ian, and caps for Seth & Max. Actually Max had a fave cap which he rarely took off during his stay here so I am going to try to duplicate this cap for the boys.