Wednesday, December 17, 2008

STARTING OVER ESSAY . . . Hmmmmmmmmm

I think that's been my life.... ALWAYS starting over and not getting anywhere.
Well, I finally feel that particular self-produced 'rat race' is over. I've been staying home
which in this awful winter weather was quite easy to start doing. I never before 'enjoyed' staying in... always running out early in the morning, originally for work and then just as habit leaving me no time to 'do things around the house' as they say. Yesterday I noticed that this has now changed as I first went out at 4PM. My knitting projects are also being finished in a timely manner and I've finally been sticking to my Herbalife/WW combo program. I do the HERBALIFE shakes for breakfast & most lunches and then have a sensible dinner and have finally been losing weight. It's so easy with HERBALIFE. I count WW points because I want to be sure I don't go over in that "sensible" dinner (( smile )). Because of all these positive moves I feel that "starting over" will no longer represent 'me.' (( s m i l e )).

Sunday, December 14, 2008


((( heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheh ))) Well, my resolution to keep up with this blog on a ... at least weekly basis... has FAILED badly.
I'm going to re-resolute ( ? Hmmmmm ) to do it now.
TO BEGIN - today I spent 1/2 the day cleaning clutter. That's probaby why I don't keep the blog current 'cause mostly what you'd hear about is my cleaning clutter. It's much better than it has been but there's still quite a bit to go. I'm having my friend Kiki come up this week to pick out some stuff for her new apartment. So far she's gotten unused flatware and dishes - both still in their original box. This week I've already put aside some towels, a throw, candlelsticks, a clock radio and she needs Bakeware which I probaby have in excess also. Walking around the apartment I find myself staring at spots which are now 'normally bare' which were STACKED with things for years. I MUST thank "H" here who has helped me more than he liked but has been a great help and without whom I could never even attempt this huge job.

Friday, June 06, 2008


I'm determined to finish this KAL; however, I'm back on Clue 1 (the others are already on Clue 5). I was behind anyway, almost having finished Clue 2 yesterday when I finally made the decision I should have made weeks ago... that I was not happy with the US#9 needle I was using with my Koigu yarn. So I frogged the entire piece and "started over" with a US #8 needle. Despite being even more behind now, I'm very, very satisfied with the resulting fabric.

A new business venture

I'm starting an on-line business (I had to figure out how to make some money) and will be a distributor for Herbalife. The Business structure seems to be really sound with a great chance to make good money from home... and the product which I have been taking for a week is a m a z i n g. They are a Weight Loss/ Management/ Health system. Been taking Kare N Herbs for years but since taking Herbalife I realize that I haven't felt this good EVER... sorta REFRESHED & ENERGETIC. Needless to say I'll be using THEIR products now. I started their Weight Loss plan yesterday so I cannot comment on THAT yet. You take a Shake for Breakfast and one for Lunch with snacks and a "sensible dinner" of anything you want. I'm still being 'trained' by my Coach who will stay with me as long as I feel I need her (on the phone, of course). I will have a web-site which is not set up yet and my Coach will show me and help me to find Customers... Advertise... and find people 'mostly' who are looking to buy these products. I hope this works.


I've tried to 'keep up' a blog for several years and each time I make an entry... I forget about it for months at a time.
Last time I even forgot the SITE where I had blogged. F U N N Y ! Anyway, today I'm committing to blogging regularly.
I really want to do it - love reading others' and know I can do it. (( smile )).