Sunday, June 14, 2009


My friend Fiona, above, had her 24th Birthday Party at the new restaurant we've been going to which opened a month ago - HAAKON'S HALL at 118th Street & Amsterdam Avenue. James the Chef/Owner is a wonderful guy, fun to spend time with besides his wonderful food; hence we go there more often than we would to any other new place. His son Haakon (it's a Swedish name pronounced sorta like Hawken) is also fun to hang out with. He's does demonstrations on his Pottery wheel out front of the restaurant. Unfortunately he will be going back to College in a few weeks for his Senior year so we won't be seeing as much of him as we have been. Asif, our bartender from BBQ is one of the Managers so all-in-all we love going there although we have to drive as it is crosstown & uptown.
The party was fun & here are just a few of the pictures - the entire album can be seen on my Facebook page:

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


A few weeks ago I FORGOT to show everyone the Mitered Shawl I knit of Great Adirondack (I have to find the actual
name of this wonderful yarn to post here ASAP) but I used that yarn held together with a pale green Kid Silk Haze for a wonderful 'halo' over the entire shawl with the exception of the ruffled edge on which I left off the Kid Silk Haze in order to
have a bit of a different shade for that section. I created my crocheted edging mostly because I ran out of yarn and didn't want to buy yarn in order to crochet the wider border which I had planned. I LOVE THIS SHAWL as it wraps around me twice and the edge when in two layers really looks good, I think. All in all I really surprised myself with this shawl. It's huge, warm and in a way, lacy although not actually knitted lace. You can click on each image for a larger view of my shawl.